Alutaguse parish, Vasavere village, Pannjärve   +372 5305 7776   puhkekeskus(ät)    

Seikluspark on avatud september-oktoober L, P 11.00-18.00.
Muulajal grupid ūle 10 seikleja eelbroneerimisega. Tuubipark ei tööta.


  1. The adventure trails are located up to 9 m above the ground.
  2. Please always attach yourself to the safety rope with safety equipment!
  3. The minimum length for crossing the trails is 140 cm and for the children's track 110 to 140 cm.
  4. Adventurers weighing up to 140 kg and up to 110 kg are allowed on adventure trails.
  • Your safety is important to the adventure park. Therefore, follow these guidelines
    • There is one piece of safety equipment for each name.
      It is forbidden to take off or transfer safety equipment when crossing adventure trails!
      During the flights, make sure that the person above has left the danger area. Avoid running out!
      Under 14 a. access to the runway only under the responsibility of a parent or other person of at least 16 years of age.
      Adventure trails are entered and exited only at designated places.
      Drive between the adventure trails in designated places - on marked forest trails.
      On the adventure trails, close your long hair and do not take any objects that may be lost while driving.
      Notify the instructor immediately!
      Persons under the influence of alcohol are not allowed on the track.
      We recommend wearing a helmet on the children's trackid.
  • Follow the following safety requirements on the tube path
    • Each tube can seat one person at a time.
      The train is only allowed to run with the permission of the tube park staff.
      Descend the hill only along the prescribed gutter.
      While sitting in the tube, hold the tube with both hands.
      Only tubes rented on site are allowed in the tube park.
      It is forbidden to move across the tube track.
      Children under 10 years. must be supervised by an adult.
      Only leave and leave the truck at the designated point.
      When descending the path, always insert the tube cord into the tube and hold the handle of the tube with both hands.
      At the end of the tube slide, please get off the track.

    For adventure trails 1 to 5 and for going down to the lake without an adult escort under 14 years. adventurers need to bring an adult or at least 16 years old. agreement signed by the sender, for adventure trails with adults for children and groups of adults bring a group agreement, the agreements can be downloaded here

Attachments: Group agreement G1 |  Group agreement A 1