Alutaguse parish, Vasavere village, Pannjärve   +372 5305 7776   puhkekeskus(ät)    

Seikluspark on avatud L-P 11.00-18.00



We have different rooms in three buildings close to eachother.

  • 11x TWIN rooms
  • 11x TRIPLE rooms
  • 5x 4-place simple rooms with bunk beds

Alutaguse Puhke- ja Spordikeskuses pakutakse mitmekesiseid majutusvõimalusi |

  • Alutaguse kahene tuba |

    You can choose from two separate bed or one double bed for two. In the rooms we have TV, toilet, shower and refrigerator.
    Price: 46 € /room/per night 

  • Alutaguse kolmene tuba |

    There are three separate beds. In the rooms we have TV, toilet, shower and refrigerator
    Price: 59 € /room/per night 

  • Alutaguse peretuba |

    We have 5 camping rooms with 4 places in two bunk beds, in one room.
    Camping rooms are warm and can be used also in the winter
    Shower and toilet are situated near camping rooms in the main building

    Price: 10 € /per person/night

  • telkimine_alutagusel

    10 € /per night/ one tent or caravan